Polywert is a specialized company in manufacturing polyester fiber products from industrial production remnants as e. g. non-woven fabrics and fibers since 1992. Polywert has broad experience in these fields as well as their entrepreneurial determination and flexibility turned Polywert into a reliable partner. Therefore Polywert products are established in the international markets for many years.

For the main part the Polywert GmbH is a recycling company that recycles non-used production remnants of the Polyester fiber and Polyester non-woven fabric production and manufactures out of them among others essential products (ground and chopped material) for the floorer, tiler and natural stone layer trade. The production processes of Polywert GmbH are designed in a way that their own production remnants can practically be completely recycled internally.

Since 1994 the Polywert GmbH pursues a certificated quality management system for all parts of the company. In 2003 the QM system has been adapted to the current DIN ISO 9001:2008.

The Polywert GmbH pursues an internal environmental management system in terms of the EMAS. We continuously define environmental targets and implement economically sensible and environmentally relevant measures. This comprises for example the efficient use of energy, minimization of emissions and improvement of industrial safety.



Decoupling & Sound Insulation

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Non-Woven Products (Fabrics)

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Chopped Products

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