The Rockwool Group is the world’s leading supplier of innovative products and systems based on stone wool, improving the environment and the quality of life for millions of people.

The Group is amongst the global leaders within the insulation industry. The ROCKWOOL Group was founded in 1937. Our more than 9,300 employees in more than 40 countries cater for customers all over the world. The Group’s head office is located close to Copenhagen. In 2011 the Group generated sales of DKK 13,748 million. The company is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen.

The Group's operations have a main presence in Europe and we are expanding production, sales and service activities in North and South America and Asia. Together with a broad network of business partners, this ensures that the Group's products and systems reach almost every corner of the globe.

ROCKWOOL insulation is one of few products that can save more than 100 times the energy used for its manufacture. It conserves scarce energy resources and reduces air pollution and CO2 emissions by minimizing the combustion of fuel, and thereby help alleviate environmental problems, such as the greenhouse effect, smog and acid rain.

ROCKWOOL insulation is non-combustible - one of the most vital properties of ROCKWOOL stone wool is its ability to withstand temperatures of more than 1000°C without melting.

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