Our products range:

Non-woven and woven Geotextile, Geogrid, Geomembrane and Geocomposite used in various civil engineering applications such as erosion control in marine construction, soil stabilization for roads, retaining walls, pond lining, land fills, etc.

Passive Fire Proofing Systems for steel structure in both industrial and construction applications.

Duct board and Insulation products such as Glass wool, Rock wool, Acoustics for air handling system.

Construction chemicals such as additives for concrete and adhesion promoter, mortars for the restoration and recover of concrete, form-release products, resins for civil and industrial flooring, resins for the concrete protection.

Drainage & Protection mainly used to protect various waterproofing systems for both foundation and roofing applications.

Waterproofing products such as SBS, TPO, EPDM and PVC for both roofing and foundation applications.